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Last update: Tuesday, 10/13/2020

New Notices and Services

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For Businesses

Information about the State’s programs can be found at:




For Individuals

If you need information on obtaining Health Insurance, please read this pdf:
COVID-19 Testing Sites, information:
Emergency Child care assistance program for essential workers:  (Posted 4/2/2020)


Unemployment Benefits



How to Apply online:
Schedule for claiming/certifying NJ Unemployment Benefits:

Important information for claiming weekly benefits


Guides outlining COVID-19–related benefits for NJ employees



Resources for Job Seekers

State of New Jersey COVID-19 Jobs and Hiring Portal:

Hoboken Residents have access to Job Now.  Live, anytime, anywhere job assistance, including up-to-date nation-wide and local job search engines, professional resume critique and proven interview techniques. Experience personalized career center seamlessly integrated with advanced virtual technology to help job seekers of diverse backgrounds and needs.  You will need to enter your library card to sign in to the service. Hoboken Residents without a card can contact us at to find out more about getting a card online.  In addition to resume templates and other skill building resources, live online job coaching is available every day from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST.  Please email for assistance with using JobNow.
Job & Career Accelerator
New Jersey State Residents have access to the Job & Career AcceleratorCreate resumes and cover letters, learn interviewing techniques, and prepare for related exams. Access millions of job listings. This resource is provided to New Jersey’s libraries by the New Jersey State Library and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.
Tips for Interviewing Online:

Click here for a Guide to Writing Powerful Cover Letters

Click here for a Guide to Crafting Successful Resumes

For Everyone

Energy Assistance info from the State of NJ


Financial Assistance, from the NJ Dept. of  Human Services


Retirement Funding

  • Required Minimum Distribution rules for qualified plans and individual retirement accounts are suspended for 2020 to preserve asset value.
  • Coronavirus-related distributions of up to $100,000 can be made with the related income tax payable over a three-year period. Additionally, the amount can be recontributed back to plan over a three-year period without affecting that year’s contribution limits
  • The limits on the amount of loans that can be taken from a qualified plan for Coronavirus-related purposes is increased to the lesser of $100,000 or 100% of the individual’s accrued benefit.


For additional information:

News and Reference Articles

Coronavirus 24-Hour Public Hotline:  1-800-222-1222

From The Authors’ Guild: COVID-19: Details on Economic Relief for Authors

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