Welcome to
Summer Reading
with the
Hoboken Public Library

Here are answers to some
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Children’s and Teens will be using a new service called READsquared
for this year’s
Summer Reading program. 

Q: Where can we sign up? 

A: Right here! Please click here for READsquared


Q: Do I need a library card to sign up? 

A: You do not.


Q: When can I sign up?

A: Our Summer Reading program begins on June 13, and goes until August 22. You can sign up any time before, on, or after June 13!


Q: Do I need to be a Hoboken resident to sign up?

A: You do not. We welcome young readers from throughout the area.


Q: What information is needed to sign up?

A: You will need to create an account on READsquared using just your name and email address.


Q: I have two children. Do I need to create an account for both of them?

A: No, you will create one account that will include all of your children. Each child will have their separate reading logs under your account, and you will be able to easily toggle between the two. 


Q: How much do we need to read each day?

A: You receive 1 point for each minute you read, and the goal is to read for 20 minutes a day (20 points). For every 140 minutes, which is equal to 140 points and one week’s worth of reading, participants will receive a digital Badge through their READsquared account!


Q: What kind of prizes are available and how can my child(ren) win one?

A: READsquared provides digital certificates, called Badges. Participants receive a Badge when they register for the program, and they continue to receive them each time they hit a new goal. Participants are asked to read 20 minutes a day, and they will receive 1 point for each minute they read. Every time they reach a goal of 140 minutes, they get another Badge. 

Every two weeks, we will have a random drawing of three winners, who will receive a big prize! If you are the winner of one of those bigger prizes, we will contact you via email. 


Q: My child is a teen/tween, and doesn’t love reading. Is there another way they can participate and be eligible to receive prizes?

A: Yes, the teen summer reading program for students in grades 6 through 12 allows them to earn points by reading and also by attending programs. For teens, for every minute they read, they get 1 point, and for each program they attend, they receive 10 points. 


Q: Can adults use READsquared for summer reading?

A: No, sorry. READsquared is just for kids and teens. Adults can register for Summer Reading via Beanstack. 


Q: I forgot my password/email! Can you help me retrieve it?

A: Yes! Please contact someone in the children’s department, and we will help you. Not everyone in the children’s department has administrative access, but we will point you in the right direction. 


Q: My child can’t read yet, but enjoys listening to audiobooks. Does this count as summer reading?

A: Yes! Listening to 1 minute of an audiobook is the same as reading a book for 1 minute. Both will get you 1 point on your reading log. 


Q: We don’t have access to a computer. How can we still participate?

A: If you don’t have access to a computer, but you DO have access to a smartphone or tablet, you can download the READsquared App for your iPhone or iPad or via Google Play.

If you don’t have access to a computer or a smartphone, please call us at 201-710-6844 and let us know. We can mail you a paper reading log so you can keep track at home, and we can input your progress into READsquared so that you are still eligible for prizes. We will mail you your badges and prizes when they are available.

If you need help setting up the App, you can also call 201-710-6844 for assistance.


Q: If we missed a day of reading, can we read extra for the day after?

A: Yes. The points are cumulative.


Posted 5/20 -MC