Library by Mail is a free service for patrons who are unable to visit the library due to illness, age or disability that delivers library material straight to your door – at no cost to you.  Just request items from our catalog or let us select for you and they will be mailed to your address. When you have finished, email us at and we will email you a prepaid return label to place on our mailer or call us at 201-420-2346 x 5102 and we will send you a prepaid postage label in the mail  Just pop the items back into the mailbag, secure the bag using the provided ziplock, affix the prepaid return postage slip onto the front of the mailer, drop the bag into the mail, and it will all be delivered back to the library – for free!

There is no charge for postage, however late fees do apply so be sure to renew your items online or by calling us at 201-420-2346 x 5102.  

Here’s how to use Library by Mail:

Download the Application for Library-by-Mail Service

Please note:

If you have a current Hoboken Library Card, there is no need to fill out the Library Card Application pages, but you must complete the Reader Profile.

If you do NOT have a Hoboken Library Card, please be sure to fill out the entire application.  Several options exist for setting up a new or expired account:

  • New patrons can request an application be mailed to you by the library; you must complete it and mail it back (photo ID verification needed).
  • A family member, friend, or other caregiver can obtain a new-patron application from the library and bring it to you.  The application needs to be completed and returned to the library along with a copy of a valid photo ID with current Hoboken address for the patron.
  • Your new library card will be mailed to you, and you must retain your card.

A few guidelines…

  1. This service is available to Hoboken residents only.
  2. To be eligible, patrons must be temporarily or permanently unable to travel to the Library due to illness, age or disability. A doctor’s or caregiver’s certificate is required for eligibility.
  3. At this time, only items currently owned by the Hoboken Public Library are eligible for mail service. All other requested items must be picked up from the Hoboken Public Library’s main branch at 500 Park Avenue, or the Grand Street Branch at 124 Grand Street.
  4. Delivery will be made in Hoboken only, to the home address listed on your library card application.
  5. The number of items that can be mailed at one time may be limited to what will fit in the mailer.
  6. Current items borrowed(including the mailer) must be returned before new items can be shipped.
  7. Materials will be checked out on the patron’s library card prior to being mailed.
  8. Console games (XBox, Wii PS3 &PS4) will not be sent through the mail.
  9. Special Access patrons are responsible for fees associated with late, missing,  lost or damaged items/materials.

How do I?

Search for the items I want mailed to me?

  1. Search our catalog at
  2. Limit your search to Hoboken owned titles only.
  3. Search for books, DVDs, and CD’s that you’d like to borrow.
  4. Please select items currently owned by Hoboken Public Library.
  5. Select the title that you want to receive.
  6. Select “Place Request” *We currently cannot mail items owned by other BCCLS libraries, these items must be picked up in person at our main branch at 500 Park Ave. or our Grand Street Branch at 124 Grand St.
  7. Enter your library card number (no spaces) and Password/PIN
  8. Next to the drop down that says  Pickup Library select “Hoboken – Hoboken Public Library”. Next select the check box below that states “Please mail this to me”.
  9. Submit your request.
  10. You can choose to log out or continue your search.
  11. We will send the item(s) to you in our special reusable mailer via USPS mail.  
  12. USPS will deliver your order to your mailbox.
  13. At the end of your borrowing period, simply mail the item back to us at using your prepaid return label, or drop it off at the Library the next time you are here!

Return items to the library?

  1. Put the library item back in the Library by Mail Bag, and secure it with the enclosed tie.
  2. Affix the Prepaid return label to the mailer this will now show our address and paid postage.
  3. Leave the bag in your mailbox for the USPS to pick up.

You can always return the mailer bag and items to the library or in one of our drop boxes.


Updated 7/1/20 RVI
Link updated 7/7/2020 -MC