The Hoboken Public Library’s mission is to connect people with each other, ideas, and opportunities to support lifelong learning, personal growth, and community development.  This goes beyond the library’s walls, so the library provides outreach, programming, and resources for many local Hoboken groups at their locations including the MBS, Hoboken Historic Museum, Hoboken Senior Center, and the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Please contact us at if you’re interested in having the library partner with your organization.

The Hoboken Public Library has partnered with The Hoboken Housing Authority to increase literacy through programming and outreach throughout the campus. We have introduced Library Corners at Adams Gardens (220 Adams St), Monroe Gardens (221 Jackson St), and Fox Hill Gardens (311 Thirteenth St.). Each Library Corner has its own bookshelf fully stocked with books and audio materials that residents can borrow at their leisure. We have also joined the HHA Core Group, and this has afforded us another opportunity to engage with other organizations to help spread literacy throughout the city of Hoboken.


updated 4/5/2019 MC