We believe in providing free and open access to knowledge for all.

Eliminating fines for overdue materials means more people in our community have greater access to the Library’s vital materials, resources, and services.

Late fines, no matter how small, discourage people who can’t afford them from using the Library in the first place, and present a real and significant burden to our most vulnerable populations.

These kinds of financial barriers can discourage many people who rely on the Library from coming back, which means they can’t access books required for schoolwork, use public computers or job resources, or simply have a safe, open, welcoming space to visit.

We want to remove such obstacles so everyone in Hoboken has greater access to information and opportunity. Eliminating fines ensures that your access to the Library is not based on your ability to pay and ensures that all members of our community have equitable access to our programs, service, and collections.

The Hoboken Public Library does not charge late fees for Hoboken-owned items returned late. This includes:

● All books owned by Hoboken Public Library
● Magazines
● CDs
● DVDs/BluRays
● Console games
● Audiobooks

Fine-Free does not apply to:

● Items loaned through BCCLS from other libraries
● Museum Passes
● Wi-Fi HotSpots
● iPads
● eReaders
● LaunchPads
● Chromebooks
● Other technology

All items will still have a due date, and we encourage you to return items by the due date or renewal date. Please be respectful of your fellow library users who may be waiting for items to be returned.

After 90 days, the item will be considered lost and a replacement fee will be added to the account.

If you have outstanding fines accrued on your library card for Hoboken items, stop in and we will
waive them on the spot. No questions asked.

Fine-Free effective 11/17/2021
Posted 11/18/2021
Updated 10/25/2022