Free test proctoring for resident distance learners

Our librarians are qualified to serve as proctors for examinations taken by distance learners residing in Hoboken.

Exams are scheduled during normal library hours when a reference librarian is able to proctor them. Scheduled test dates and times are subject to change based on librarian availability.

Schedule your exam by calling (201) 420-2346 x 5101, or emailing A minimum of one-week advance notice is required. Please confirm proctoring of your exams before you have an exam emailed or mailed to the library to ensure that the correct staff member receives the document. 

Proctoring services include:

  • Proctoring by a reference librarian or a young adult librarian (if the test taker is a teen)
  • Checking identification of the student taking the exam
  • Providing testing space near the reference desk
  • Noting the time an exam starts and ends
  • Signing the required documentation from the educational institution


The library:

  • Does not charge for proctoring services
  • Cannot proctor online exams requiring modification to public access computer settings
  • Seals the envelope of the completed exam and sends it through the U.S. Postal Service
  • Does not keep copies of completed exams
  • Does not accept responsibility for Internet connections


The student:

  • Cannot take an exam until the library receives test-taking requirements from the issuing educational institution
  • Must confirm the library’s proctoring policy meets the requirements of the institution giving the examination
  • Must cover all costs, including postage-paid envelopes and any other expenses
  • Must verify the adequacy of the library’s computing resources for the requirements of the exam