Interlibrary Loans
The Hoboken Public Library will obtain books and media items from other BCCLS member libraries for Hoboken Public Library cardholders. Items borrowed from other libraries are bound by the owning library’s loan period and renewal limits. Items are held for 5 days, including the day the patron is notified.

Please note – Patrons with a “Courtesy” or “Hudson County” card designation are not eligible to place holds or Interlibrary loans.

Loan status
Active – item request is pending and/or on hold
Shipped – Item is leaving the owning library and on its way to us.
On Hold – Item has been received at the library and ready to be picked up.
Cancelled – Item was not picked up and returned to owning library.

Books not available within the BCCLS catalog may be requested through Jerseycat (Statewide ILL catalog)